Another amazing woman small business owner

Another woman small business owner to brag about...

Her infectious laugh. Her bright smile. Her warm, bubbly, inviting kindness, that right away, makes you feel like you've been friends forever. I can't recall which of these things I noticed first about Amber Kay Reinink; perhaps they were all rolled into one, which made getting to know and adore her so very easy.

Over his past year, I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Amber Kay during my daughter's amazing Senior Portrait Sessions. Amber Kay's friendly and down-to-earth nature puts everyone at ease during her photo shoots. She not only has a fabulous eye for capturing the most perfect images, but truly cares about "her girls" that she's photographing. In addition to senior portraits, Amber Kay has had numerous fun themed photo shoots for her ladies, and a fabulous WEARRVA fashion show, where she partnered with other local, small business owners (mainly clothing boutiques, make up artists, and hair stylists). True to the spirit of Amber Kay's mission of empowering women, proceeds from this event went to college scholarships for Richmond City (female) students.

Amber Kay's passion is not only to invite young women to feel beautiful in their own skin, but to allow them to feel confident. I've come to learn (and admire) that at Amber Kay's heart center is the desire to care deeply for others. To know Amber Kay is to realize that she very naturally brings out the best in others. Although Amber Kay may be behind the lens, she shines so brightly she can't help but to capture your attention and draw you in to her warm, sweet, kind, giving spirit!

I'm proud to say that in knowing Amber Kay's gorgeous work as a photographer, I have also gotten to know her on a personal level. She has been one of the biggest supporters of women small business owners that I have ever met! Without keeping any success secrets to herself, Amber Kay has shared ideas, social media tips, inspiration, and most importantly encouragement of my very small, new business.

I invite you to check out Amber Kay's Senior photography page and Amber Kay's Photography Page.

Here is just one of the very beautiful photos Amber Kay took of my daughter during her fun Senior Photo Session!!