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How it all started...

It all began with an interest in melt and pour soap. After experimenting for about a year with colorants and essential/fragrance oils in the melt and pour format, there was a nagging curiosity about cold process soaps. A close friend shared her knowledge about handling lye (an initial big fear) and carefully demonstrated how to create a batch of handmade cold process soap. Immediately after, cold process soap making became an instant obsession - soap books were read, videos were watched, recipes were googled, and then the experimenting began. It was a lot of experimenting. For a while, soap batches were made every week night and at least two on the weekends. Yup. A lot. There were a ton of failed recipes, but each time notes were kept and then revised, reworked, and retried until we got eight great soaps. Finally we arrived at what felt like a very scary step - sharing them with friends and family. The biggest fear was no longer lye - it was if they liked the product(s). In early June, Tranquil Soaps hosted its 1st Soapen House. Around 20 people came to provide honest feedback, rating the colors, scents and lathers of all the soaps. They experimented with perfume rollers, lip balms, and lotion bars. The feedback was simply amazing! In fact, it was used to recreate several recipes and product formats. Now, we are so much more confident in our soaps and other products. We hope once you get your hands on our products, YOU feel the same way!


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