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Say WHAT??

Since we started sharing our love of soaps with the public back in January, we've been very blessed with business and repeat customers! As we head into our favorite holiday, we are thankful for all of you who have supported us. Our hearts are full.

Here are just a few things people are saying about Tranquil Soaps...

  • About our Lotion Push Ups: "This makes excellent glide for running! 9 sweaty miles no chafing at all!"

  • About our Lip Balms: "I’m in love with these lip balms! They keep my lips moisturized, there isn’t a strong fragrance and most importantly doesn’t have a taste. I love that these products use natural ingredients and are handmade. Tranquil Soaps is a local business that cares about the products they produce and customer satisfaction. I also have tried their lavender soap, which is amazing! It doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or itchy."

  • About our Soaps: "As a person with extreme sensitive skin, I love your products. I have had no reactions, other than pure bliss and appreciation. My dermatologist will be pleased to know something finally works for me!"


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