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Tranquil Soaps has an overflowing heart full of GRATITUDE for Brave Boutique's KINDNESS & GENEROSITY. They are graciously featuring Tranquil Soaps line of perfume rollers in their store!

The story behind Brave Boutique is truly inspiring and touching. After surviving a very brave battle with colon cancer, the owner decided to create Brave Boutique (located on King's Charter Drive) to help support others during their courageous battles. Each month they generously donate 20% of their sales to support various nonprofits. And, they very kindly encourage and support other artists by giving them a space to showcase their work.

Brave Boutique's gorgeous shop features amazing work from numerous artists, and they carry a large selection of wonderful and unique items. You're sure to find something for yourself or someone you love, such as clothing, jewelry, candles, soaps, perfume rollers, hats, handbags, home decor, and much, much more.

We are beyond thankful for this amazing opportunity to be a part of Brave Boutique's beautiful store and their caring, giving and thoughtful mission. Thanks, Brave Boutique, for helping make our dreams and goals come true!