Tranquil Soaps is open for business!

Happy New Year! We hope your holiday was full of love, joy and happiness! Thank you SO much for your patience with during our relocation to Florida! As soon as we permanently got settled, we started making our soaps, lip balms and lotions. It takes up to 4-6 weeks for soaps to cure, so during this waiting period, we focused energy on redesigning and streamlining our product line. Due to limited space in our new location, we now make our best selling soaps, lip balms & lotions. Tranquil Soaps thought it would be fun to recreate some of your favorite fragrance soaps in brighter, more vibrant colors with some catchy new Florida names. (Rest assured the fragrances are the same!)

Tranquil Soaps is pleased to announce our newly improved product line!!! (Drum roll, please!)

Tranquil Soaps (redesigned) Fragrance Line:

Top row: SARASOTA (formerly known as Breezy), * PEACEFUL PALMS (thieves), SIESTA KEY SUNSET (formerly known as Happy Go Lucky) [ * = new!!! ]

Bottom row: FLIRTY FLAMINGO (formerly known as Free & Easy), SUGAR SANDS (formerly known as Wishes), MERMAID (same as before!)

Tranquil Soaps Essential Oil Line (remains the same)!

Tranquil Soaps Lotion Push Ups coordinate with our Essential Oil product line and are available in two sizes: small twist ups & large push ups. We have discontinued making lotion push ups to coordinate with our Fragrance Line, however, we can make them special order without any labeling.

Tranquil Soaps Lip Balms are available in our three best selling scents:

Lavender & Peppermint, Lavender & Honey, Honey & Vanilla

We hope you'll love the changes and continue to enjoy many old favorites!! Tranquil Soaps cannot wait to begin sharing our products with you again!!! Thanks, as always, for your support of our small business!!